Running a DTC brand? Approach CRO in 2022 with these in mind

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This year, despite its ups and downs, the CRO company has had the privilege of driving additional revenue for some amazing brands (4 shark tank brands included) 

If you plan on scaling your CRO strategies this coming year, here are 5 points you should keep in mind.

1/ No amount of CRO will fix a poorly targeted audience. The type of traffic you drive to your site & LP is just as important as the on-site experience you are trying to provide.

2/ Almost 70% of your time will be spent on research and this is a good thing… Because the more you know about your audience, the better equipped you are to serve them.

3/ It’s not Features VS Benefits, it’s Features & Benefits. It took me a while to notice this, but the technical specs of your products are as important as your benefits, just relate them to your audience. Features are also a great way to show why you are better than other alternatives.

4/ Never assume you know why someone bought from your site. Aside from implementing tracking tools… It doesn’t hurt to ask your customers, via emails, what influenced their buying decision.

5/ What worked for one brand, might not work for the next. We implemented an offer page for a brand that flopped (at first) but that same offer page doubled the revenue of another brand.

Bonus/ some of the underrated tools we use. 

Offer pages & having a custom CRO strategy can be some of the best things you can implement for your brand. And the best part, you can start with small, simple incremental changes.