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+184% Increase In Sales For Rejected Shark Tank Brand, Solemender

We built a high converting offer page & homepage that helped resurrect their brand, proving that a rejection does not spell failure.

  • From 1.2% CR to 4% CR
  • Over $100k in additional sales
  • Ad campaigns by Guide Social

Glovestix Sees a +55% Increase in Sales With Their Most Profitable Offer Page Yet

Despite their success on Shark tank back in 2018, sales were declining, and IOS updates weren’t helping. Our job was to craft an offer page that they could profitably send traffic to. The result was a page converting at 5-7% on mobile!

  • An extra $6k+/W from cold traffic
  • 5-7% Conversion rate (paid ads)
  • Video ad by Guide Social

Chordbuddy (As seen on Shark tank) saw an additional $43,400 within the first 30 days of testing a new offer page

After multiple tests and tweaks, we finally crafted a page that profitable sold their best-valued bundle offer.

  • 2.5% CR to 4.3% CR
  • Included a custom checkout, order bumps and upsells
  • Ad Campaign by Guide Social