Why does this landing page convert Cold traffic at a 6% conversion rate?

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Earlier this year, my team and I had the privilege of building this page for Shark Tank brand, Pristine Sprays  (they provide an eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes) 

Over the next 2 mins, I will be going over what made this page successful. 

1. The Product 

The product was a no-brainer. It’s one of those products that you use once and can never go back. No wonder it got a deal on Shark Tank. This made our job easier. We just had to communicate the unique offering of the product both visually and through copy. 

2. The Video Ad set the right expectations.

This page was designed to be a compliment to the video ad (done by GUIDE SOCIAL.) So, visitors already had an idea of what they might be getting. The page simply guided them through that idea.

 3. Customer Research 

If you want to increase your conversion rate, 70% of your time should be spent understanding the type of people who buy from you. What their desires and pain points are (and what they currently do to solve/manage these pain points.)

Side note: Scaling your product goes beyond new creatives and increasing your ad spend. Scaling has a lot to do with finding new audiences that might need your product and creating a specific message & offer for them. This is another form of A/B testing.

4. Headlines that made people read the copy.

We wrote headlines that grabbed the reader’s attention and made them want to read the copy.
E.g. “Your butt is mad at you and so is Mother Nature!”
This headline made it hard for readers to ignore the short paragraph beneath it.

Always ask yourself: “Will this headline make my audience stop and be interested in the content.”
And of course, once your headline has done its job, don’t waste that opportunity with poorly written paragraphs.

5. Reviews that were relatable 

For this page, we only featured reviews & testimonials that contained scenarios & stories that were identifiable to the reader.
We wanted our audience to see themselves in the reviews. Not your typical “wow, I can’t believe this works” nonsense

6. We addressed an obvious objective

No matter how “premium” your product is, money will still be a deciding factor in a lot of people’s minds. We addressed this by visually representing how much they will be saving if they switch over from the alternative.

7. A clear action section 

You should always have an offer to lure in new customers—a specific offer for Cold traffic. Think beyond just a discount or coupon code, be creative. Once you have this offer, communicate it with an offer section. 

Conclusion: A lot more contributed to the success of the page. But I wanted to highlight the above, and I hope it helps you in some way.